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At Kodo Care Pharmacy, your wellness is our primary concern. Our KODO PAK provides a convenient and smart packaging solutions to help enhance your prescription adherence, leading you to a better and improved health.


Why is KODO PAK better than other medication packages?
Over two decades of research studies support the use of compliance packaging, like the KODO PAK, to improve medication adherence (taking all medications as prescribed by your doctor) which improve patients health. The KODO PAK combines the benefits of medication adherence packaging with Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) .

The KODO PAK is our pre-packaged medication system that makes medication use simpler, safer and more compliant.

How often do I receive the KODO PAK?
The KODO PAK is refilled and delivered every 4 weeks, we set a time and day that is convenient for you.

What can be packaged in the KODO PAK?
KODO PAK is very customized to each patient. We can package all of prescriptions, vitamins and over-the-counter medications in individual pre-sorted paks. Each packet is clearly labeled with the date, time and medication names.

Can I pick-up my KODO PAK?
Yes, we are a full-service pharmacy that has been serving our community for nearly 50 years. We would love to see you!

How do my refills work?
Kodo Care Pharmacists will proactively contact your doctor to manage refills so you (or your family) don’t have to. Never worry about running out of medication or weekly calls or trips to the pharmacy for refills. We will always contact you to ensure that you do in fact want all of your medications refilled before starting the packaging process.

Are my co-pays the same?
Co-pays are the same but we go the extra mile to save you money with our industry-leading medication review, as well as manufacturer discount cards and co-pay reduction cards. [Get started]

  • Never hassle with insurance.

    Allow us to help you with your insurance provider. To see how it works, please click below.

  • Never chase down refills.

    Our services are intended to streamline medication regimens and to improve compliance.

  • Never wait in line at the pharmacy.

    If you can’t come to our pharmacy, simply let us know and we can have it delivered to your location.


Switch to a better, simpler pharmacy today.

If you are no longer satisfied with your present pharmacy partner, make the switch to KODO PAK now. We constantly strive to provide our best to every customer.

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